MeltingPoint Mobile – a simple, engaging HR and benefits app branded to your organization.
Powered by analytics. Personalized at scale.


Know where to go

Brief descriptions of all your HR and Benefit programs.

Get there quickly

1-touch links for phone, web & apps.

Cut Down On Clutter

All your insurance ID cards in one place.

See where you are

At-a-glance dashboards.


Compose your message

Easy “drag and drop” content management.

Target your audience

Select your audience with demographic or behavioral filters.

Select your channels

Email, text message, push notifications and in-app notifications.

Measure engagement

Analyze your success by demographics, behaviors, or interests.

Why MeltingPoint?


Individualize communications to increase employee engagement.


Make it easy for employees to find what they are looking for.


Help employees navigate without being overwhelmed.

Branded To You

Get full credit for the programs you already offer.


Offer a “mobile-first” experience to keep employees informed.

Optimized Use of Benefits

Increase awareness and utilization of your benefit programs.

Praise for MeltingPoint

"Our partners at MeltingPoint stepped up and built a dynamic, engaging mobile application tailored to our unique program."
Jeremy GalinatVice President
Corporate Benefits
Caesars Entertainment
“The app makes it so easy and convenient to carry your insurance cards, plus have all the tools you need at your fingertips to make better healthcare decisions. I even told my fiancé to sign up!”
Julie P.MeltingPoint User
“Before I had the Benefits Villa app, I had to go through the trouble of searching online for customer service numbers to get help with healthcare questions. Now, the iPhone app puts everything I need at my fingertips.”
Mayumi W.MeltingPoint User